Board Composition & Renumeration policy

    Stichting IFLA Global Libraries

    The organisation of the Stichting IFLA Global Libraries has a board of three members:

    • Glòria Pérez-Salmerón, President
    • Christine Mackenzie, President-elect
    • Deborah Lynn Jacobs, Stichting Board member

    The Secretary General of Stichting IFLA Global Libraries is Gerald Leitner.


      The board of the Stichting SIGL does not receive any remuneration for their services as board member of the board. A reimbursement of expenses is possible.

    • Board member expenses: No
    • Non-excessive attendance fees for the Board: No
    • Disclosure of Board remuneration: Board members are unpaid Employees
    • Remuneration policy: In line with Collective Labour Agreement for Public Libraries

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